Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back to School

It's been a long time since I've posted, I know. Mostly because I couldn't think of much that is worthy of writing about. Life just continues as usual. But we do have some exciting news, and that is that Aaron was accepted to graduate school at BYU! He is happy that he got in, although he isn't too excited about the idea of being back in school again and having to do homework. The program is called the Leadership Preparation Program, and it is a 14 month masters program that trains you to be a school administrator. He will start at the end of April and finish in June of 2010. It is part time for two months while he finishes the current school year...and then full time for the duration. And when I say full time, it is really full time--from about 8 in the morning until 7 at night during the summers. During the fall and winter he will be doing an internship all day for four days a week and the other day he will be in class all day. He will obviously not be teaching while he is doing all that, so he will be taking the year off. He broke the news to his students and they are pretty disappointed that he won't be there next year, and I think he is a bit sad too. He really does love his job and he is really good at it.
To get him back into school mode he got a computer. Now the brothers and brothers-in-law can socialize via internet, rather than actually speaking to each other, even when they are in the same rome.
Other than that exciting news, not much new to report. We are looking forward to the end of a snowy winter and the return of sunshine and warm temperatures. This winter has been a bit crazy with all the snow we have gotten and Aaron has done a great job keeping our driveway clear (without cashing in on the snowblower my mom promised him if he would live in Utah).
We enjoyed a visit with Julia and family this last weekend where we got to celebrate our birthdays!

Celebration to be continued this weekend at the happiest place on earth...