Friday, February 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home

During the month of January we had some work done on our house.  For those of you that live too far to visit in the near future, and are interested, here is how the projects turned out.  We finished our fireplace and mounted our TV above it.

We had a seven foot tall crawl space that we rarely used because it was difficult to get into and to move stuff into.  To get down there, you had to lift a door in the floor of our closet then you had to climb down a wood ladder to a gravel floor.  Now we have stairs, cement floor, and lights down there so we can use it for storage space.



Lastly, I finally "finished" Brigham's room...only 17 months after he was born.  It has been a work in progress, and I suppose it will be constantly changing, so never really finished.  But it has been painted (thanks to my brother and brother-in-law) and there are things hanging on all four walls, so it is a good start.  Here is the tour.

The north wall has the owl magnet board (thanks mom) that we made to hang pictures of Brigham with parents, grandparents, cousins, etc.

The northeast corner has one of his bookshelves and a cute plaque with a Dr. Seuss quote (designed by my talented cousin Laura).  This is probably Brigham's favorite spot in the room and where he typically heads first.

The southeast corner has the Pooh collection with stuffed animals, plaques, and a great Christopher Robin quote.

The south wall has a family photo (thanks Julia), a "you are my sunshine" canvas (thanks Caleb), and a birth announcement plaque (thanks Caleb & Becca) and Brigham's one year handprint.

Last is the west wall with a picture of Christ and and an ABC poster I made.

Thanks to everyone that has helped with the projects.  We've had a fun time transforming some of our home.  Maybe one day we will get around to decorating, organizing and hanging pictures in the rest of our house.