Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer Days

We ended our summer with separate trips before starting our new semesters. Aaron went to Texas with some friends to a friend's wedding.

While he was gone, I went to California for Johnny's belated graduation trip. Our first night there we went to see Legally Blonde in Hollywood. It was opening night and we had a great time.
The next day we went to Sea World.
We rode the rollar coaster, and got stuck while riding it a second time.
On Sunday we spent time at the new beach house. We've spent many trips staying in the little old green house that was in this same spot. Then my aunt and uncle tore it down and built this beautiful new house. We had a BBQ on the roof and spent the afternoon enjoying our view of the beach.

On Monday we went to Disneyland! I saw the brick that Aaron got me for Christmas for the first time. It only took us a minute to find it and we made sure to walk by it a few more times while we went between Disneyland and California Adventure.

We ended the day with the electrical parade. It is a fabulous parade, and was extra fun for us to see because we rarely see it (they only do it during the summer and we can't go most of the summer).
It was a great trip, and the start of my four in four (four trips to Cali in four months). Crazy I know, but I have different reasons for all of them.