Monday, April 30, 2012

Grandma Bodell

My sweet grandma passed away on March 19.


It was fun for me to be able to look through many of her pictures as I created a slideshow for the viewing/funeral.  She was so beautiful.  I love this wedding picture of her and my grandpa.  They had such a short time together after they were married and before he had to leave for the war.  It reminds me of how hard that must of been on my grandma and how much she must have worried while he was away.  

 She was so kind and loving.  She was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.  For years she moved with my grandpa to many different homes as they built his construction business.  She raised eight kids and supported my grandpa as he worked and was a bishop (twice).  She spent much of her time worrying about her loved ones and doing what she could to take care of them.  

I loved to go and stay with my grandparents.  One of my favorite things to do with my grandma was listen to her tell stories.  Sometimes they were made up stories, but most often they were stories about her children.

 My grandma was a great example of someone who loved to learn.  She spent much of her free time reading and had an extensive collection of magazine articles and books that she had read.  She also made it a priority to be there for important milestones in her grandkids' lives whenever she could.

 In many ways it has been a long goodbye as she suffered from Alzheimer's for the last few years.  Over time she stopped talking and didn't appear to recognize many of her loved ones, but her eyes would light up when I brought Brigham to visit.  I'm so grateful for the time Brigham and I have had to visit her this last year.  She put up with him moving her bed and up and down.  She would look very concerned if he ever started to cry.  They took naps together.  They played peek-a-boo together.  On our last visit in early March she had been tired and quiet, but as we left and Brigham waved goodbye to her, she looked right at him and waved goodbye, something I hadn't seen her do in months.  It is such a sweet memory I have of our last visit.

 I am so grateful for my grandma for teaching me so many things through her example.  I'm grateful for her love and devotion to her family.  I think she is one of the biggest reasons that our family has been and continues to be so close.  She always made family a priority.

We were able to celebrate her life for a couple of days with friends and family.  It was fun to hear stories about her and share our memories.  It was hard to see my grandpa say goodbye and start to learn how to live without her by his side.  He has been sitting or lying next to her and holding her hand for much of the last year.  They are such an example to me of unselfish love and devotion.

 One of my favorite parts of the funeral was when my Aunt Jimae shared a poem my grandma wrote about the joys of motherhood.  I hadn't read it since becoming a mom, so it meant much more to me when I heard it this time.  I love reading it now and thinking about raising my own children.  I love you grandma!

You and I
As surely as I live I feel
That life can be so good
For those who know the blessings
And joys of motherhood.

When first I held you in my arms
And felt your baby skin,
I loved the way your fuzzy head
Fit underneath my chin.

I knew there must be more to this
Than just the toil and strife
When I tucked my finger in your fist
And you held on for life!

Your first time in the big bathtub
You looked so round and fat!
You kicked and splashed and swam away.
I couldn’t have missed that!

All during that first year with you
I really passed a test.
Of all the people in the world
You seemed to like me best.

You tried to walk, your hand in mine.
Your eyes with glory shone.
Then one day you let go of me
And tottered off alone.

Much later, when we took our walks,
You had so much to say.
You asked me all about the things
We saw along the way.

I still remember those bouquets
Of dandelions you brought.
“Which hand?” you’d ask, then hold them out,
(A proud and precious tot.)

One Sunday you stood up in church
To say a poem aloud.
I sat there in the audience,
And my, but I was proud!

Remember when you ran away?
I couldn’t reprimand!
You looked so small and helpless
With your suitcase in your hand,

As just inside the door you stood,
A haughty little elf;
So stubborn, and so willful, too,
And, oh, so like myself!

And when I tucked you in each night
And touched your tousled head,
I always was surprised to find
An angel in your bed!

That first day you went off to school
As if you hadn’t cared.
But that same day you sneaked right back.
“I’m homesick,” you declared.

How many things you seemed to learn!
How very fast you grew!
And just as surely as you did
Your world grew bigger, too.

It will be just as well
If you never know
How very, very hard it was
For me to let you go.

I haven’t been an opera star,
But memories I keep
Of times I sang you lullabies
Until you fell asleep.

If I said I was an artist,
The truth would be quite tainted,
But think of all the lovely pictures
You and I have painted.

I’ve made no contribution here
That man will eulogize.
I haven’t written any book;
But you’re my Nobel prize!

Inside me, ‘til the end of time
A special wish there’ll be:
That I can give you back the joy
That you have given me.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blessing Day

 We blessed our sweet Alexis on April 7.  
 She is such a sweet calm baby and she loves to sleep, as you can see from most of the pictures from the occasion.
 We were so blessed to have great grandpa Bodell with us.  He loves her so much.  She fell asleep as soon as he started holding her and he just stared at her and talked softly to her telling her how much he loves her over and over.  It was so sweet.
 We were blessed to have both sets of grandparents with us.

 Big brother Brigham decided to pay her some attention on her special day.  He was so cute to want to be by her when she was on my lap or laying on the floor, and he even tried to share one of his toys with her for the first time.

I love her beautiful dress and it has special meaning for me because my Aunt Jimae made it, and I was blessed in it 32 years ago.  It was such a special day for our family to celebrate our sweet baby girl and give her a name and blessing.  We are so grateful that so much of our family was able to be with us (and missed those that couldn't be).