Wednesday, August 27, 2008


On August 9 Caleb and Becca got married in the Mount Timpanogas Temple! We had a great day and we are so happy to have Becca as part of our family. She fits in perfectly!

Julia, Stephen, and I did most of the photography and videography (Thanks to Dana for filling in when we had to be in the pictures.) It was great practice for the businesses we hope to start someday.

We had beautiful blue skies in the morning for pictures (after a week of rainy mornings).

August 9 is also Johnny's birthday! Can you believe little Johnny is 17?

I love this picture because he looks so excited to be married.

They had a reception in Ogden. It was super windy (This is actually one a few pictures where all the girls' hair isn't flying through the air.)

We were glad Aaron managed to find some entertainment.

Congratulations to Caleb and Becca! We are so glad we got to be a part of your big day and we love you both.

He's Getting Married in the Morning

Well, at least that's the song we sang to Caleb on August 8 (I know, I'm a few weeks late). Because he was having a reception in Ogden, and we knew it was a long way for the Provo locals to travel, we had a BBQ party for the Provo folks the night before Caleb and Becca got married. It was catered by some family favorites--J Dawgs and Smart Cookie. It was at Vintage park and as you can tell from the pictures, it was pretty casual. We had a great time! Especially after the rain and wind stopped right about when it was supposed to start (but after we had attempted to set up).

*I have to give Aaron credit for the Bride/Groom shirt idea. That's what he wanted us to wear at our reception...but I vetoed it. I think he may have been a bit jealous that Caleb got to live his dream.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Whiting Reunion

The day before Aaron came home from Ecuador, I left to go to my family reunion in Arizona. The reunion is for all the descendants of my great, great grandparents and it is held at their homestead in Arizona. There were over 1000 people there! This year they decided to recreate a village from the old days so that we could experience what life was like back then...sort of like a Nauvoo type experience. We had an old-fashioned cash store, a chair factory, spinning, sewing, cooking, and quilting demonstrations as well as a laundry station, beauty parlor, cow, horse, chickens, and grandpa's little train. We dressed in something sort of resembling clothing from their time and tried to see and do as much as we could.

Our car was packed from bottom to top with almost nowhere to put our feet. This is how we looked on the first leg of the trip to Orderville.

This is one of our many stops along the way. We were stopped for so long we walked around and even did a little rendition of I've Been Working on the Railroad (thanks Johnny for the demonstration) on the highway.

A few miles away from the homestead we heard a sound like a gunshot and saw a piece of our car go flying. After pulling over this is what our tire looked like. We started unloading our fully packed car to find the spare...when our great cousin Eric pulled up and rescued us (and taught us a valuable lesson on changing tires.)

We set up camp in Julia's awesome tent. Our whole room had screen sides and ceiling so that we could look up at the stars at night. Courtney and I shared a double decker air mattress complete with a down comforter. Definitely the most comfortable camping I have ever done. This is the view from our bed.

On our first day we took a frightening ride up the mountain. I saw my life flash before my eyes a few times and even discussed some after-death plans with Courtney. But as you can see, we made it to the top.

There were limited we used the cold hose water to wash our hair.

We volunteered to work in the cash store. It was set up with all sort of old family items, pictures, books and other family memorabilia.

I learned that I was not meant to be a quilter.

And we were responsible for leading another one of the famous Bodell Barn Dances (minus the barn this time). We kicked up a lot of dust and had a fabulous time dancing to old favorites like the hamster dance. Some new dance moves were invented including my personal favorite, the shower (thanks Courtney!). By the end of the dance, most of us were feeling a bit sentimental about our Clear Creek days and we were missing the ranch a lot...we made some great memories there.

Despite the flat tire, sketchy motel, dirt, and port-a-potties, it was a great trip. I loved spending time with my family and it was great to do some camping again. I think it is pretty cool that six generations after the Whitings lived there...there posterity is still coming back for reunions. It made me realize why the tradition of family reunions continues to be so important to the later generations and their families as well (example: I have gone to three family reunions in the last 13 months). Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Whiting!

Here Comes The Bride

While Aaron was gone, I got to help get ready for Caleb and Becca's wedding festivities. One of the funnest things we did was take Becca's bridal pics at Memory Grove in Salt Lake. I love taking pictures and would love to be a professional photographer one it was really fun for me. Brandy did her hair, Julia made the bouquet, and my mom provided the wedding veil for a few fun shots (it was hers 25+ years ago). We had a great time! Here are some of my favorites:
From Bridal Pics

From Bridal Pics

From Bridal Pics

From Bridal Pics

From Bridal Pics
From Bridal Pics
From Bridal Pics
From Bridal Pics

To the Middle of the Earth

Aaron took an opportunity to return to Ecuador, where he served his mission. He went with some mission buddies and old roommates. He was gone for almost two weeks and overlapped with my family reunion, so we didn't see each other for over two weeks. It seemed like a really long time. But he had a great trip. For some reason he is opposed to writing his own blog about the here are a few of my favorite pictures from his trip.

Below is Aaron with his friends Dave, Dave, and Ryan. Dave Smailes was his trainer and he met Dave Castle in the MTC. Later all four of them were roommates at BYU. They are hilarious and we loving hanging out with them when they come into town. They all still keep in touch even though they all live in different cities now.

Here is Aaron straddling the equator with one foot in the northern hemesphere and one in the southern hemisphere.

Here is Aaron on his whale watching trip. He threw up 16 times. He compared it to being forced to ride on Space Mountain for four hours straight without a break. So for those of you who questioned if he really would be sick if he rode all those rides he skips at Disneyland...just remember the face he is making in this picture and don't bother trying to persuade him to ride.