Friday, May 15, 2009

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered how far you walked in a day at Disneyland? Last time we went, I wore a pedometer around for one of the days that we were there. By the end of the day, we had walked 9.8 miles. Quite a bit more than I was expecting. It definitely made me wish that I had remembered to bring it to Disneyworld because it is so much bigger and we did so much more walking. Random post, I know, but I found my pedometer today and thought I would share my trivial information and let my fellow disney fans know that not only are you in for a pretty great day when you go to are also getting some good exercise.

We've been encouraged to start walking in preparation for our youth conference trek this summer. I'm thinking maybe I should spend a few days at Disneyland to prepare.

Monday, May 4, 2009

April Showers, Flowers, and Pics

Highlights of April through photos:

We had a bridal shower for Courtney. Aaron had a farewell dinner for his student government. I think this is the thing he will miss the most from Timpanogos because he loves it! The students gave him funny gifts and they even wrote him a song and sang it to him at the party.

Julia came to town to "babysit" Johnny while my mom was out of town. We took an outing to the Tulip Festival and it was beautiful! I love tulips and they always remind me of when I got married in April because there were tons of them in my pictures.

We took Jake and Kylee and wandered around the gardens for a couple hours and took a lot of pictures. This is Jake discovering grass for the first time. He was quite mesmerized.

We took a Friday night trip to Park City and stayed in a Marriott right by the ski resort. This picture turned out a bit blurry (problem with timer setting), but it still shows how huge the bath tubs were-6 adults and a baby all fit. Later that weekend Julia and I took Courtney's bridal pictures in Salt Lake. She looked beautiful and we all love her dress! We had lots of help, and a good time.
This is a favorite (of the ones that don't show her dress, so it can still be a surprise).
We took a trip to J-Dawgs and ate in the pouring rain.
Brandy graduated from the Bon Losee Esthetics program and had to say farwell to her favorite manaquinn. We are really going to miss her, and not just because of all the free hair cuts and dyes. She is so much fun and we have loved having her live in Provo for the past 1 1/2 years.
Also did Johnny's senior pics.

Other things of note that I don't have pictures for: Aaron and I celebrated 5 years of being married! I still can't believe how lucky I am to have found someone so perfect for me. Aaron also started school and is trying to adjust to being a student again. And Aaron's soccer team is having a great season! He has been quoted in the papers a few time and they are hoping to tie for the region championship on Friday, which will be a first for Timpanogos.