Sunday, March 18, 2012

Introducing Alexis Joy

We were so excited to welcome our sweet little girl to our family on March 9.
Here is the story of her birth (written by Aaron):
This is a story all about how...
The last 24 hours have been eventful for this Barth family.  We reported to AF hospital at 7 in the morning on March 9, 2012.  We had been assured by all that the second labor is so much easier than the first.  They asked a bunch of great questions and then the pitocin began to flow.  Contractions were coming and Rachel continued to progress.  It was slow going for a while.  We played cards and watched Gilmore Girls, Aaron played a game or two of Settlers.  4 in the afternoon rolled around and she was almost ready.  At 4:22 she started to push.  After pushing for an hour this little girl had not moved.  The doctor came in and was surprised and told her to try to push for another hour, but prepare for the possibility of a C-section.   This hour also passed and it was deemed she needed a c-section.  They prepped Rachel and Aaron got to put on some coveralls a mask and hair net.  In the operating room all went very smooth.  At 7:03 our little princess was born.  The first thing the nurse said was "wow, she is big."  The doctor commented that Rachel could have pushed another two hours and nothing would have changed.  They weighed her in at 9lbs 10oz.  She has a full head of hair (unlike her father).  I went with our angel to bathe and take vitals as Pam met up with Rachel.  About an hour and a half later Rachel and her new daughter were united at last.  After much discussion and ruling out names like Rachel Junior, this little girls name was decided.  She will be known as Alexis (probably called Lexi) Joy (short for her great grandma Joyce) Barth.  Rachel continues to recover and baby is doing great.  We can not wait for this little princess to sit on her throne as the queen of Barth-air.
This is one of Aaron's favorite pics, taken when I first got to really meet her about an hour or so after she was born (I only saw her for a quick minute in the operating room).  I was so happy to finally get to see her and hold her.
She met big brother Brigham the next day.
She also got to meet grandparents,
and great grandpa.
Brigham wasn't quite sure what to think about the hospital visits.  He reached out for Lexi and pointed out her nose and liked being close to her for about a minute...and then he pushed her away.  We are still working on the sibling bonding.
We loved all the time we had to cuddle with her in the hospital.

By Sunday afternoon her bilirubin numbers were sort of high and with Brigham's history of needing the lights, we decided to put her under the super powerful hospital lights for as much time as possible until we left Monday afternoon.
After three more trips to the hospital for the next three days, and some good time sleeping in the sun, we finally got her numbers to go down and we avoided having to do the lights at home.
Thank you to all those who came to visit in the hospital!  Thanks to my parents and Caleb and Becca for watching Brigham while we were in the hospital and many times since we have been home.  Thank you mom for keeping me company, doing laundry, driving me places, making dinner, cleaning house, and taking care of us since we came home.  

We are so in love with our little girl and are so blessed to have her in our family.

My Buddy

My buddy, my buddy, wherever I go, he goes.  My buddy, my buddy, my buddy and me.  (Does anyone else remember that great commercial for the My Buddy doll for boys?)  Well, it reminds me a bit of this little man.  We have gotten so used to spending our days together and I love having somebody that wants to follow me around and do everything I do.

I knew that the adjustment from one to two would be challenging and I really tried to appreciate the time that we had to spend together the last few weeks.  We enjoyed playing in the first real snow of the year.
We took some trips to the grocery store and discovered that Brigham loves to ride in the front and be the driver.  He had a smile on his face and "talked" excitedly for most of the trip.

Brigham found a replacement for his sippy cup of milk.

We enjoyed some good cousin time and trips to Costco.

I can't believe it has already been 18 months since this little man joined our family.  I love spending my days with him and watching him learn new things.  He is constantly making me laugh and smile.  We love him so much!