Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The last of the T-Birds.

We celebrated the end of an era for the Hicks family in May. At least one child from the Hicks family a has been attending Timpview for the last 15 years...but the end has come and John D is now a graduate!

In honor of the celebration, we thought it would be fun to blindfold him and have him break a pinata while we all laughed at him. He is a pretty good sport. This picture also shows a picture of my mom's new addition to her house. She is expanding the kitchen and family rooms and making them into a great big room.

We were having a good laugh at this point.

Congratulations Johnny!

May Photos

I am so lucky! I love taking pictures and I have been blessed with an adorable niece and nephew to take pictures of. Julia and I have been doing more pictures lately and training ourselves on photoshop so that someday soon we can start our own photography business. It is something we love doing as a hobby and hope to turn into a small business one day. I especially love taking pictures for people I know. It is so much more fun to edit them and work on them when you know and love the people that are in them. We hope to have our website and photography blog up soon...but until then here are a few of my favorites from May.

Wedding Weekend

I know I'm a bit behind, but I had a computer meltdown last month, so I'm just happy that I was able to get everything fixed and take care of all the wedding pics. So, here we go.

Our on and off again tenant and cousin got married on May 9! We were lucky enough to have Courtney live with us for a few weeks before, and we got to help with a lot of the wedding festivities, and I got to be a bridesmaid...or brides matron...or whatever. Before the big day, Brandy dyed our hair for one last time before she moved away.

Julia, Stephen and I were the photographers for the big day! It was a perfect opportunity for us to get some more wedding experience. We hope to start our photography business some time in the near future, so we loved getting to do our second wedding. (That is me sitting on the ground back there getting my shot.)

We decided to go early, before the wedding to get shots of the happy couple, and we were so glad we did. We got tons of great shots, and didn't have to compete with all the other brides. We were practically the only ones there. But in the afternoon after the ceremony the place was packed and we would have been waiting in line for good shots. Here are a few of my favorites from the temple.

After the temple we drove down to the reception and barely were able to get ready and get a few shots before the reception started. It is sort of difficult to be in the wedding party, and be the photographer. We've done it twice now. But we love doing both, so we made it work.

The Bodell family loves to dance.

Brandy especially loves to dance!

Aaron loves having his picture taken.
And we love Courtney! We are so happy for you and glad we got to be a part of the big day.

To finish off the wedding weekend we celebrated Aaron and Becca's birthdays! Don't they look happy...