Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dirty Dash

Aaron ran in 5K Dirty Dash in Midway with Caleb, Matt, and friends.  They had a great time climbing walls, going through mud pits, sliding down a giant inflatable water slide, and lastly swimming through a large mud pit to reach the finish line.

We enjoyed staying clean and cheering them on to the finish line.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend this year.  
We took some time to remember family and how grateful we are for eternal families.

Julia and Stephen came into town and we headed to a Day Out with Thomas because Jacob is a huge fan.  He just kept staring and pointing at the life size Thomas and loved being able to ride on him.  And Brigham just loves being outside and around people, so he was happy too.

We had a great time taking photos for a wedding, golfing, playing games, eating, and sewing.  We also took a trip to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  It was our first time and it was pretty fascinating.  They have some huge dino skeletons.  The most impressive was a huge "supersauras" that stretched from one end of a huge room to the other. 

And at the end we got to find bones in the sand...or least eat the tools...

Back to our Roots

We went to the Ponderosa for our Brown family reunion.  This reunion is for my great grandparents and their descendants (there are a lot of us).  The Ponderosa has great memories and meaning for our family because we went to reunions as children there and stayed in a little cabin called The Bodell Hotel, and if it weren't for the Ponderosa my grandpa may never have found and bought the ranch (which is a few miles down the road), and if it weren't for the ranch, I may never have met Aaron.  So we are pretty grateful for the place.  We made a quick stop by the ranch so Brigham could see where it all began and show off his first Clear Creek Ranch shirt.

They have made the Ponderosa really nice for guests and there is a lot to do.  We enjoyed ladder ball (made by Aaron), mini golf, volleyball, a barn dance, card games, and most of all just sitting around and visiting with family in such a beautiful place.  
And lucky for us we will definitely be back in two years for the next one, especially because I was nominated to the reunion committee (we had our first meeting before this one was even over).  Nothing like getting a head start for the next one.