Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Best Trip to the Dentist

Now that my brother-in-law Stephen is officially a dentist, a trip to the dentist means a trip to Oregon!  I went with my mom and Brigham to visit Julia and family in Albany, Oregon.  We had plenty of time to enjoy some of our favorite activities...eating, shopping, and taking pictures.

We flew into Portland and spent the day there.  We went to the first Original Pancake House, one of our favorite breakfast restaurants.

Then we went to one of my favorite Portland spots, Powell's Books.  It is the largest bookstore in the United States and takes up an entire city block.  There are maps and even a free iphone app to guide you around the store because it is so big.

The next day we got a small tour of Albany and nearby Corvallis and enjoyed the Oregon rain.

We wore our BYU clothes to watch BYU play in the sweet sixteen.  We saw lots of Pepsi distributers in Oregon and had to take a picture for Aaron of a few of his favorite things.

On Friday I went to the dentist (my excuse for making the trip).  It was fun to see Stephen as a real dentist and hear everyone call him Dr. Davis.  I came home with cleaner, whiter, and hopefully soon-to-be-straighter teeth.

Then we decided to head off to Tillamook for the afternoon.  The first place we went to visit was the cheese factory.  I am sort of fascinated with factories and seeing how things are made, and what could be better than seeing how cheese and ice cream are made, and then getting to sample them.  As you can see below,  Brigham got a bit jealous of all the good eating we were doing and decided to do some of his own.  After the factory tour we made a quick trip to the coast before the sunset.

The next day we had breakfast at a Hungarian restaurant then spent the afternoon in Woodburn, Albany, and Corvallis shopping at the outlets, Goodwill, and an antique store.  Sunday we spent a nice relaxing day at the Davis home and finally had time to play some games.

Monday we had one last photo shoot with the boys in their matching PJs before we headed back up to Portland.  It is so fun to watch the two of them together.  Jacob loves being around "baby" and always wants to play with him.  It will be so fun to watch them play together as they grow up.

We had such a great time.  We loved visiting the Davis family and visiting new places in Oregon as well as some old favorites.  We also thought of so many things that we want to do on our next trip including waterfalls, lighthouses, museums, the ocean, trains, berry-picking, more books, more cheese and the 38 flavor ice cream sampler.  Can't wait for my next trip to the dentist!