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What a Difference a Month Makes

I can't believe my baby is already a month old.  He arrived September 17 after 20 hours of labor.  We were so happy to finally have him here.  He spent 3 days of the first week of his life in this bed.  He made such a cute little glowworm, but he absolutely hated it by the end.  

By the end of his first week he was less yellow and we got rid of his tanning bed in time for him to enjoy his first football game with his dad.

We had lots of visitors starting with Julia and Jake for a week.  We absolutely loved having them here to play with us.  Jake wasn't quite sure what to think of Brigham but we were able to get a few pics of them together with some bribing.
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There are so many reasons why I love it when my sister comes to town.  One of the many is that we share a love of photography so we love to take lots of photos and spend time editing them together.  Of course Brigham was the subject of most of our shots for the week, and we managed to get some great ones.  These are a just a few of my favorites out of the many we took (and a few are being saved for the baby announcement that I'm going to get out any day now).

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From Barth Blog

We were lucky to have more visitors in the next few weeks and Brigham got to meet both of his great grandpas.

We've started to go on a few outings and went to the pumpkin patch over fall break to pick our own pumpkins (for our pumpkin carving contest) and try the donuts and ice cream.  Brigham slept through most of it, but we did get a picture when he was awake and imitating the kinds of faces his dad loves to make in pictures.

After a few weeks we managed to get some shots of our new little family, thanks to my sister-in-law Becca.

We can't believe how fast he is already growing and changing in just a short month.  We love him so much and are so grateful that he is finally here.

Summer Staycation

So I don't usually worry too much about catching up on past events, but I actually wrote this blog a few days before Brigham was born, but never actually posted it.  I figure since I went to the trouble, I might as well post it a few months late.

I heard on the news the other day that the word staycation was added to the dictionary this year.  The definition on is:  a holiday in which leisure activities are pursued while staying at one's own home.  Perfect description of two weeks of our summer.  We wanted to take one last trip before Johnny went on his mission, but with everyone's crazy summer schedules it just didn't work out.  So we took a Disney trip in April and then planned a week and a half of activities that we could do close to home in August before he left.

Our first weekend of fun included Brick Oven, bowling, sleepover, Mariokart, J-Dawgs, miniature golf, Inception, shopping, frozen yogurt, and mom's meatloaf.
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Monday we celebrated Johnny's birthday with a trip to Texas Roadhouse, some more wii, and dunford donuts.
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Wednesday my mom and sister threw me the cutest Winnie-the-Pooh themed baby shower for some old ward and high school friends. Everything was fabulous from the food to the decorations. They even made tigger tails (chocolate covered marshmallow skewers) like they sell at Disneyland (and we always want to buy, but refuse to pay the money).

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Friday was Aaron's graduation!  He finished class in June and started his new job as assistant principal at Vista Heights Junior High in Saratoga Springs on July 1.  We are so proud of him! 
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Sunday was the big missionary farewell for baby brother John.  He did such a great job on his talk and has worked really hard to be prepared to serve a mission.  He is super excited (if you can't tell from the picture). 
From John D
We managed to squeeze in another fabulous baby shower with family, lots of good food, some photo shoots, and quality family time at my parents house before Julia and Jake had to go home and Johnny went into the mtc.  We miss them already.