Friday, June 21, 2013

A Mini Reunion

We had a mini family reunion a few weeks ago to celebrate some cousins coming into town from far away places, some as far as Kosovo.  It was fun to see everyone and for the kids to ride grandpa's train.

Lexi is spoiled with lots of attention from her older cousins.  They take such good care of her. 

 Brigham was a big fan of his new ball and playing on the baseball field with his cousins.

I can't imagine where Lexi learned this.  Don't worry, it wasn't open.  But on two separate occasions she pulled a can of Pepsi out of the ice and walked around like she was drinking it.  I guess she wants to be like her father.  

She enjoyed meeting her cousin that is just a week older than her and her same size.  She is so used to playing around the bigger kids.  And right before this picture was taken she discovered a bag of nacho cheese Doritos that someone left where she could reach.  If there is junk food around, she will find it.  Good times.

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Karyn said...

Yay, great pictures! I got a picture of Lexi with the chips... I'll email it to you! She is so so SOOO cute!